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Our Mission

  • The Kingston Velo Club (KVC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting recreational cycling in the Kingston area.
  • The KVC is Kingston’s recreational cycling club. It provides a range of cycling experiences for people with different levels of skill and fitness. Short, easy tours, longer, more challenging rides, and personal fitness challenges are among the variety of cycling activities conducted by the club.
  • Have fun!

Kingston Velo Club Constitution and Bylaws


The Kingston Velo Club has members from all age groups and all walks of life. Fitness level is not a barrier to joining. Some members enjoy the challenge of longer, faster rides, while others prefer more relaxed trips which feature pleasant sights and good rest stops.

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The KVC has over 200 members and offers rides every day of the week except Monday. On Saturday and/or Sunday full day tours take place in our lovely countryside, often with a choice of levels. Long weekends feature overnight excursions and a ‘weeklong’  takes place in the summer. Refer to the Calendar for time, date and details for scheduled rides and events.

While we all share a common interest, a bicycle, our club is much more...we are a community.

Why, because we nurture and support each other, both on the bicycle and also in so many other ways. We are a community of friends, strangers when we meet but not for long!
We introduce new riders when they arrive, they become part of the conversations, chat (safely) during the ride and at the rest stops and participate in social time following the ride.
The latter builds a "community", one in which we all become friends, enjoy each others company, and, in turn, build and strengthen our "community".
We are seeing the results of our community building - members are inviting their friends to their homes for BBQ's, social hour conversations, are proposing new and interesting ideas for the Club.
Members are stepping forward to help with the various club activities, and general interest in all things KVC is growing.
It is never too late, you are never non-qualified, your opinions are important, we all enjoy your company, and we invite you to participate and contribute to building our "community".
The will meet and become friends with an awesome group of folks, and they will help you, support you, give to you, and reward you.
Your bike ride, and your Velo Club community make every day better by providing peace of mind, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of well being, a wide circle of friends, and very importantly, improved fitness. Its a lifestyle benefiting both you and the environment!