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Ride Categories

All Kingston Velo Club (KVC) rides are assigned a Ride Category.  These Categories are used to rate the indented speed of a ride.  These categories have been developed based on information gathered from cycling clubs across Canada.  The Club's Ride Committee will annually review the Ride Categories to ensure their relevance.

Listing Of Ride Categories

A – Speeds 30kph+
B – Speeds 25kph-29kph
C – Speeds 19-kph-24kph

D – Speeds 14-kph-18kph

L – Leisure speeds below 13kph

NSP – No set pace where riders cycle at their own speed

Often the “L” and the “NSP” categories will be used for trail rides, touring and sightseeing where the speed is not the main focus of the ride.

The actual ride speed will depend on factors such as the elevation or other technical characteristics of the route.  For example, we do not expect riders to maintain the speed for rides that contain several, challenging climbs or rides that encounter inclement weather.

Where possible, the ride leader will give an indication of the ride difficulty. It is strongly encouraged that riders assess their ability and ride within the category that will allow the most enjoyable experience.

KVC has a “No Drop Policy” meaning no rider will be left behind to finish a ride on their own.  However, it is the riders responsibility to select a ride with a RIde Category posted suitable for their skill level.  When in doubt, contact the RIde Leader if you have any concerns. 

A detailed description of each ride will be provided on the KVC website.  It will include departure time and location, the Ride Leader and a link to the map which includes terrain elevation.  The routes are posted in advance so members can print or upload the map to their mobile devices.