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Cycling In Kingston

Kingston and its surrounding area is a great place for cycling. Plenty of rural roads, low traffic volumes, closely spaced towns for services, well-maintained roads and a variety of landscapes from the Lowland Plains paralleling St Lawrence to the challenging countryside of the Canadian Shield. Yes, we do have it all! Nearby communities like Napanee, Bath, Gananoque, Sydenham etc are sweet little towns unto themselves and together offer a truly excellent cycling experience.


Kingston Velo Club members have ridden many if not all of the roads in the area one time or another. As we actively encourage cycling, we are happy to share our knowledge of the area by offering some of our favourite routes for you to consider. Please enjoy and ride safely. If you are visiting the area kindly send us a note or even better register as a non-member of our club. We always like to know the cyclists who enjoy our routes.


If you are a resident of the area, you are most welcome to use our favourite routes. In return for our sharing, please consider joining our club and participating in our events and activities. We say without the humility that we are an awesome bunch!!!


Below you will find some of our favourite rides.....enjoy!


1. K&P Trail (Up to 50 km)


Park at the Invista Center, ride right up the K&P trail to the village of Sydenham, have lunch, coffee and /or ice cream then return to the Invista centre via rural roads. Or if you wish, retrace your route on the trail. It's a very pleasant experience. If you meet horses on the trail, just stop and let them pass.


2. Odessa Loop (50 Km)


A 35 km road ride through the rural area west of Kingston, stopping in Odessa for a coffee. Begin at the Invista Center where parking is free and food nearby.



3. Wolfe Island Cruise and Bike. (50Km)


How about a boat cruise and bike ride from downtown Kingston! Take the Wolfe Island Ferry and after disembarking, turn left and bike to the end of the island. Do not expect services after you leave Marysville, but you can enjoy beautiful farms and views of the St Lawrence River. Just stay on the paved road and you will not become lost!. Upon your return to Marysville, food is available before boarding the ferry back to Kingston.


4. Kingston Mills Lock Station. (30Km)


A short road ride from downtown visiting the beautiful Kingston Mills Lock Station on the Rideau Canal System. Then return via Abby Dawn road and Route 2 to Kingston. Park at Doug Fluhrer Park


5. Inverary from Invista. (45Km)


A pleasant ride on country roads. Park at the Invista Center where parking is free, and food available nearby.

Cycling Route Resources

In addition to our favourites, we highly recommend the following resources for some great cycling routes:


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Happy cycling!!!