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Ride And Smile Series


Sunday’s Ride is a group club ride geared for intermediate to advanced cyclists (cycling around 22kph or higher) to encourage a healthy lifestyle and cycling community, reinforce road safety/group riding safety and improving overall cycling skills. It is not a race, rather a series of rides to help you achieve your cycling goals for the 2019 season. There is something for everyone! Whether your goal is to complete a specific race, achieving long distances, improved average speed or just generally being more efficient and economic on your bike, Sundays Ride will help you attain these goals. 


Every Sunday (weather permitting), we will meet at 8 AM and aim to depart for 8:30 AM. Early in the season, we will start with shorter 20km rides and build towards 120km rides. Each ride, we will focus on specific cycling skills, and there will be a variety of routes selected to challenge and refine your skills. For instance, going west towards Picton, the terrain is mostly flat, however, we will have to contend with the wind. Cycling north of Kingston is a beautiful and scenic ride with rolling hills to develop your hill-climbing skills. Whereas travelling east towards Brockville and the Thousand Islands, the ride is scenic, fairly flat and there is a designated bike path which is excellent for safe long-distance rides. We can also cross the border and visit our southern neighbours, cycling to Watertown where there are smaller hills and a gradual grade in the terrain. Exploring new routes is encouraged and the opportunities are endless. 


Every Friday, ride details for the upcoming Sunday ride will be posted, and any last-minute details will be updated 60 minutes before the ride. It is the responsibility of the rider to preview the route details and be familiar with the chosen route. We will be riding in groups of about 8 riders. Roadside repairs, group cycling signals and leading group rides are some skills you will learn in this series to help you be a self-sufficient rider. 


As the distances increases, we will stop every 30-40 km to switch out water bottles and take a short 5-minute break. Then approximately every 60km, we will make a roadside stop to replenish empty water bottles at a nearby shop. 


After each ride, we will get together for food and refreshments to debrief and promote community. This will be a great opportunity to share your experiences during the ride and discuss other topics such as training, nutrition, pacing and cycling skills. 


Every rider must have:

  • Helmet
  • Bike
  • Shoes (Closed toe, no flip-flops or sandles
  • Heart rate monitor(HR)
  • Electronic device that can display: HR, Cadence and Speed
  • Water or sports drink
  • Flat repair kit
  • Weather-appropriate clothing


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Recent Blogs
Recent Blogs

Note 1: As per usual Club policy, these are no-drop rides( sweeper will stay with last one). However, riders need to be aware of their abilities to cycle within the stated pace with moderate to challenging speed and distance ranges.

Note 2: This ride is not "Rain or Shine type of club ride", for safety in group riding check this page before leaving . It will be updated 60min prior of departure time.

Note 3: Bicycle lights are required, by law, 30 minutes before sunset. Please be sure to bring lights as necessary. Helmets are mandatory on all KVC rides.