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It's a friendly community

You can follow others and offer encouragement with kudos and comments, adding a social element to your training, useful if you mainly ride on your own. You can also join our club and be part of a local, or wider, cycling community. This social aspect of Strava is, for our active members .

Measure your progress and improvements

Strava provides a wealth of tools for tracking your improvements, with features including a training calendar for totting up your mileage every month to heart rate and power data analysis if you want to go into a lot more detail. If you like it simple, the suffer score, if using heart rate, gives a rough indication of how hard a ride was.

RWGPS & Strava
RWGPS: It provides a range of cycling experiences for cyclists with different levels of skill and fitness. Short, easy tours, longer, more challenging rides, and personal fitness challenges are among the variety of cycling activities conducted by the club. The routes posted on Ride With GPS provide access to the routes and Maps associated with club rides posted in KVC's Event Ride Calendar.
Ride With GPS will provide access to maps, turn-by-turn directions and Garmin GPS files users will be able to easily search for club routes based on a variety of search and filter criteria. Plus you can download the maps to your phone.

STRAVA: Allows you to compete with other members for the most kms ridden during  the week or day. A great tool for personal competition, set competitive goals for yourself.
Both RWGPS & STRAVA can be accessed through the Kingston Velo Club when you become a member.

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Our Mission

Kingston Velo Club


  1. Providing a welcoming, friendly and safe environment for members and guests of all skill levels to pursue their health and fitness goals.
  2. Providing and pursuing learning opportunities for our members to advance their knowledge of cycling and thereby enhance their performance, fitness and health.
  3. Promoting a safe, friendly social atmosphere and environment in which our members can build friendships and network with fellow cyclists of diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  4. Cycling advocacy by promoting safety and raising awareness in the community at large regarding cycling related issues.
  5. Engaging in all forms of cycling; Recreational, Trail Riding, Road.

We look forward to riding with you!

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