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Kingston Velo Club is now a Strava Club

Terry A Gerritsen  | Published on 3/3/2019

Kingston Velo Club Is Now a Strava Club!

Kingston Velo Club Is Now a Strava Club!

Well done, Kingston. Strava is the social network for athletes – a huge global community – and club founders like you play an important role in bringing athletes together. Here’s how to get started with your new club:

  1. Invite relevant athletes to join and make it clear to them what your club is about.
  2. Post announcements, useful information and discussions. You can create posts that your members will see in their feeds.
  3. Create an event. Once you establish the time, date, and location of the event, members will get notified and can join. After all, Strava is all about activities and organizing an event is a great way to bring people together in real life.
  4. Watch your club activity feed and leaderboard. Congratulate big efforts and improvements, and keep supporting the whole team whenever you can.

That’s it! If anything is certain, it’s that athletes love talking about their sports… just get a few of your favorite athletes in your new club and chatting with each other, and the rest will fall into place.                                        
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