Guidance and Club Policies for Leaders and Participants

  1. All riders must either be a KVC member, or have signed a club waiver prior to the start of the ride.
  2. All participants must wear a helmet.
  3. The ride/event must not go ahead until #1 & #2 are satisfied or those not conforming have left.
  4. Neither the club, its leaders, nor its executive assumes any responsibility for participants lost, stranded or injured.
  5. All participants should bring their own essential repair equipment, especially puncture repair kit & pump, plenty of fluids & food, as needed.
  6. All participants should carry photo id with their address & their health card.
  7. In the event of an incident, the Accident Report Form must be completed. If unavailable, report all details to an executive member.
  8. All participants must follow the Highway Traffic Act and exhibit courteous road behaviour, otherwise the ride/event will be discontinued.
  9. A copy of these policies is available for review by any new club members.
  10. Leaders should carry some first aid supplies in case of an incident, i.e. antibacterial ointment, square gauze bandages to dress cuts and abrasions.
  11. At the beginning of each ride, it’s a good idea to gather the group and discuss the route map and re-gathering points during the ride so as not to lose riders.
  12. Also, the leader can request that a rider volunteer as “sweep” for the ride.

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