What a Start! – April 18, 2013

Sunday's first ride of the season drew a bunch of riders, some of whom rode to the start. They travelled on pavement and on dirt, commemorating the legendary Paris-Roubaix race, the toughest one-day race on the Euro circuit.

Thirteen dedicated cyclists took to the roads east of town, in two groups. The "Easy Riders" handled an all-pavement route, while the more sportif-oriented KVCers crossed two ridgebacks on dirt roads, According to some, it turned a little dicey when their front wheels started to dig into the soft, wet surface.

The shorter-route riders arrived at the Husky truck stop an hour ahead of the others, and waited patiently. All the members had brunch together and enjoyed good conversation as they commented on the first ride of the season. Congrats go to Andrew,  Andy, Bob, Hal, Kristine, Larry, Margaret, Mary Jean, Mike, Paul, Real, Rosemary, and Suzanne, for making the first ride of 2013 a cycling success.

All signed in. Riders congregate at the start of the "Kingston-Roubaix" ride, the season-opener on the KVC calendar. Photo by Paul Rappell

He rode to the start from town – on a one speed! Larry Manuel arrived at Pierson Park on two wheels and one gear, and rode the ridgebacks with the club, and then rode home. Photo by Paul Rappell

A Rockport Ramble – May 22, 2013


We met up at Grass Creek on a cool and cloud speckled Sunday morning. The weatherman said the outdoor temperature felt like a mere 2 degrees. Winds were expected to peak at 50kph. An optimist at heart, Mike wore his shorts anyway.

Five of us started out on the first leg of the ride heading up Joyceville Road leading us to 4th Concession where we flew, wind at our backs, all the way into Gan. While at the Socialist Pig, enjoying a tasty little bite to eat and a nice hot beverage, six more cyclists joined our group. By 10:45 we were riding along King Street headed for Rockport. Once again, wind at our back, we glided along the route and it felt that, in no time, we had arrived at our brunch destination.

The Islandview Restaurant was humming with tourists! We were happy to find shelter from the brisk winds. While not the best place to eat, the view of the St-Lawrence was pleasing to the eyes. We watched the whitecaps grow in size and knew we would soon have to head out and ride back to Gan.

Taking the trail that runs along the Parkway provided a little relief from the strong headwinds. We traveled in small groups and chatted as we pedaled. The sun came out and warmed our dark coloured cycling garments. I was glad to have put on sunscreen. One by one , we found ourselves back in Gan. Vicki, a guest cyclist, stopped for ice cream along the way; a cool yet well-deserved reward.

Andrew and I kept to the original plan which called for a couple of ferry rides to and from Howe Island. As we were about to board the first ferry, we were advised the one at the other end was out of order and so we took the very same route Mike, Robert T and Robert P had opted to take in the first place, Hwy 2 back to Grass Creek. The wind seemed to have increased in strength and without warning tried to blow us off the road a couple of times. What an exhilarating day! A challenging ride, not because of the set pace, but because of the wind.


A special thanks to Rosemary and Hal for their support. Great ride everyone!

Smell the Lilacs – June 1, 2013

By Robert Tolley

5 of us rode a total of 117km from Kingston against a 30km/hr wind, Joan,
Keefe, Doug & Mary Jean shown on Fred Brown road ( I took photo). However
the lilacs & lunch at the waterfalls tea room made it worthwhile.

We met up with Margaret's group of 4, with Maureen, Cathy & Michelle, at
the Yarker tea room, where other photos were taken.

Milburn Still Missing – July 20, 2013

You have to fuel up for a search. New KVC member David Miller stocks up on some more energy as he takes in the view from Lower Brewer's Mills Lock. Lock staff soon "opened" the bridge by hand, effectively closing the road. All that food didn't help find Milburn, though. It still evaded yet another search by the KVC. Photo by Paul Rappell

Well, we tried again. Last Saturday, a pair of intrepid KVC members searched for Milburn, but still came up empty-handed

Perhaps a larger group might have had better luck. As it happened, the day turned out really well. The weather was great, the route was fun and interesting, and the section of fresh chip 'n' seal pavementwasn't nearly as challenging as expected. In fact, it was a fine stretch of road, and the riding was helped by a tailwind.

David and Paul stopped at Lower Brewer's Mills Lock long enough to have their progress slowed by the opening of the swing bridge. They were rewarded, though, with a view of boats (including one from Florida) being lowered through the lock.

The ride went past the Gananoque Airport before turning back into a headwind. After slogging against the wind on Sunbury Road, the pair was rewarded with a raging tailwind on Milburn (where the deuce is Milburn, anyway?) Road. After a brief climb to Wellington Street, David and Paul walked a very short bit before getting back on the bicycles and cruising to the Battersea ball park, to load up their bicycles and head home. A good day out was had by both.

Desert Lake Ride – July 21, 2013


Ten intrepid cyclists, left from Kingston on this challenging ride, 90km ride at 8:30am. First stop was at Hillside café in Sydenham before setting off on the 40 km of “thriller hills”:

A refreshing stop was made at Desert Lake Resort:

We continued on to an inspection of the famous Holleford meteor crater (in background):

Back to Hillsides for lunch and an easy ride home from there, returning 2:15pm
By R.E Tolley, leader

Thousand Islands – August 7, 2013


Thousand Islands Ride Report by Margaret Wild (Ride Date July 13, 2013)

In days gone by KVC (under former names) was primarily a road racing club, sponsoring the 'Kingston Classic' Road Race from the early 1970's. But there was always strong interest in touring, both as a vehicle for training and sheer enjoyment of Kingston's spectacular location amongst the 1000 Islands.

The KVC 1000 Islands Tour, at 124km long, is one such ride traversing four of these islands. Today, starting by Kingston ferry dock, we must concern ourselves with passports and insurance, but do have the benefit of improved roadways with well paved shoulders all the way. The route continues through Howe Island (optional) to Gananoque, then follows the 1000 Island Parkway to an obligatory walk over spans of the International Bridge on Hill and Wellesley Islands, providing unique opportunity to linger and enjoy the view!

The NY Visitor Center proved a welcome break before heading on 12E 'Seaway Trail' to lunch in Clayton. This year's ride was timed to arrive in Cape Vincent for its renowned French Festival. We missed Napoleon on his white charger, but captured much of the outstanding parade. A ferry ride had some heading home across Wolfe Island, while others stayed to enjoy dinner in the totally transformed Wolfe Island Grill.

Enjoying the view, or, maybe, just stopping for a break because walking the bridge in those cleats is just too uncomfortable? Joan, Rebekah, David, Margaret, and Aaron take in the scenery – with not a transport truck in sight. Phot by Robert Tolley

All in all, it was a most scenic, interesting and varied ride, which attracted interesting and varied participants. Robert led the challenge group accompanied by KVC stalwarts: Graham, Mike, Joan, and new member Vicki. His daughter Rebekah and son-in-law Aaron from Albany (triathletes both) looked us up on the web, decided this was a neat ride, and travelled up to join in. Margaret's moderate group started out with Jay our famed Lake Ontario swimmer (who did stay with us part of the way), and a new member, David. Dave first raced in 1948 in the UK, is now 82 years young, and set such a spanking pace that it's quite possible KVC has turned full circle!