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So you bought a new bike or you decided to take it out of storage to really get back into cycling, but why go at it alone?

Bicycle clubs like Kingston Velo Club are available for cyclists looking to improve their bike skills and make friends in the process.

But what exactly does a membership do for you?
Though all Cycling clubs vary in what they offer and what you can get out of it, many have similar reasons for attracting local cyclists.

If you're apprehensive about joining, here are few reasons that usually convince riders to change their minds and join the club.


Is number 1 and tops the list. Kingston Velo Club put together well organized group rides weekly or monthly for cyclists of various skill levels.
It's the perfect way to discover new routes, new riding buddies, improve your group-riding skills and connect with fellow cyclists in a social setting.
You can also learn things from other cyclists like bike-repair tips, workout ideas and other secrets to improve your cycling.

Though weekend rides are common, some clubs, like the Kingston Velo Club in Kingston, Ontario organize several rides a week on various terrains.

In addition to the in-the-saddle camaraderie, the club has BBQ'S and picnics a couple times a year as a way to socialize off the bike.
Long-week rides are popular where members plan trips to various areas in Ontario, Quebec, New York State. You choose whether you have your want to camp, B&B, or Hotel, Motel.

It's not just limited to the warmer months, either. As a northern cycling club we still have organized rides in the fall and the occasional ride in the winter (if you can stand it), and other events like parties are held during the offseason to keep members engaged.


Perhaps cyclists are reluctant to admit this as their No.1 reason, but bicycle clubs often are a financial win and that can be a nice advantage.

Here in Kingston our Club, for example, a $25 annual membership comes with a 10- 15 percent discount card from certain bike shops, among other perks.

In addition, organized events that KVC puts on, like the L & A Ride are offered at a discounted rate for club members.

Staying Connected

Being a part of a cycling club keeps you in touch with your area's cycling scene.

The club has quarterly newsletters keeping members up to date on cycling-related developments, such as new bike lanes in the area, upcoming events, recent legislation of interest and new members to the club.

KVC is on FACEBOOK & TWITTER whatever the method, cycling clubs make sure its members are in the know.


Clubs also advocate for cycling-friendly legislation and other causes on its members' behalf, something many cyclists are proud to be a part of.

Many clubs designate an advocacy officer to lead such charges. Joining a cycling club and getting involved in its advocacy efforts could be your way to make a difference on behalf of cyclists everywhere.

I hope this information has given you all the reason why you should sign-up as a member so you can become a part of our community? Remember even if you do not ride, you can still become a volunteer member through membership donation.