President’s Ride 2012 – April 15, 2012

BY Margaret Wild


THE PRESIDENT'S RIDE on April 15th was met with just a light fog and promised showers – certainly not enough to deter the really serious KVC cyclist!

Eight of us met at Cataraqui Community Centre and headed west via Creekford and Mud Lake Road to Hwy 6, then through Wilton and Hwy 18 to Harrowsmith. Previous day's high winds had moderated somewhat and we were early for the good brunch at Harrowsmith Bakery Cafe, which did not disappoint.

After lunch we reached Sydenham's Stagecoach Rd via Hwy 5, then divided into moderate and challenge routes. This actually made little difference since most cyclists took their fastest route home once showers made an appearance. 

Bob C, Rosemary, Margaret, Mary Jean, Robert, Mike M, Real and Joan arrived home relatively dry, claiming to be happy with their first kvc ride of the season.


Brunch in Bath – April 22, 2012

By Margaret Wild

The BRUNCH IN BATH on April 22, was advertised as an easy, leisurely affair – too bad nobody told the weather office.

It wasn't actually freezing but a vicious gale with showers made it feel well below, and cycling a N or E direction extremely hard work. Now this was a ride for the really, really, really serious cyclist! Our leader Paul turned up early, took one look at Collins Bay at 9:30am and left, deciding no one would show. A couple of minutes later Margaret was there, and a little later Real (Robert planned to meet us at Brunch). With no Paul, Real volunteered to lead, with Margaret riding sweep (we'll get those km added to our record if it kills us!)

We didn't take the obligitory picture in J&J's Bath, but you can pick us out in the Harrowsmith picture – we're the good-looking, really, really, really serious cyclists! (Robert, who took the picture, rode a similar route but breakfasted in Millhaven.)

Youngest Rider, Anniversary Bicycle – July 22, 2012

The KVC's "Truck Stop Breakfast" tour, on Sunday, 22 July, brought some surprises to the riders. Two of the surprises were welcome. The third surprise, however, was neither welcome nor convenient. We found out that the Husky Truck Stop was closed for renovations. That was the only restaurant stop in the area! What could we do. The decision was made to do the ride and then go south and west to the Driftwood, at the Treasure Island Marina, and see what they had to offer (or to see if they would be open at all).

The other surprises? First, we had our youngest ever rider (at least in recent KVC history, Ella, a fifteen month-old who rode in her own trailer. So, with nine riders and a trailer, we had our own version of an eighteen wheeler!

The other surprise was Jim's bicycle – a 1972 Dawes Galaxy. So we had a bicycle as old as the Kingston Velo Club!

With Bob Clooney riding sweep (Thanks, Bob!), we set off north on Joyceville Road, taking Fourth Concession, Hitchcock Road, Woodburn, Sixth Concession, and others, before heading back on Joyceville Road. The group stuck together (with the exception of a couple of riders who had to wait for a couple of trains at the level crossing). After a photo op at Pierson Park, some riders headed for the Driftwood for lunch.

2012 KVC Annual Picnic – September 10, 2012

The annual KVC picnic was a roaring success. On Sunday, a horde of hungry cyclists descended on Grass Creek Park for a ride'n' lunch session.

The crowd gathered at 9:00 a.m. and split into four groups for rides of varying levels of speed and terrain. Some went toward Howe Island, while others headed west and north before turning back east and south.

After the rides, Hal and Paul set off in search of charcoal – the one item that didn't seem available in central or west-end Kingston on Saturday. Canex and Value Mart provided charcoal and lighter fluid, and soon we were in business. With enough volunteers to work two grills, and plenty of other food items to stuff our faces, we were soon pigging out and enjoying the friendly company.

A welcome surprise was the Fortieth Anniversary cake, complete with the new KVC logo in icing.

The weather co-operated (a little cooler might have been better) and everyone was in good spirits. Can't wait to do it again next year!

KVC Century Ride Helped by Great Weather – September 21, 2012


The KVC's annual Century ride was bigger than ever and blessed with blue skies and moderate temperatures this year. Early on Sunday morning riders and volunteers assembled for the first "open" century sponsored by the KVC. A cool morning gave way to warmer weather, but not too hot to make riders uncomfortable. The route headed east to Highway 15, to Kingston Mills, and then up to Unity Road through Elginburg. Rest stops were available there and at Odessa, Picton, and Bath.

This year a 100 km, or Metric Century, was also available for less ambitious (or less masochistic) cyclists. A total of riders headed out and all completed the route.

An enthisiastic group of volunteers staffed the checkpoints and assisted riders with water and food. Riders were even aided between checkpoints by mobile staff.

The cyclists were very, very thankful to the volunteers who helped make their day a success. Here's to an even bigger and better Century next year, with even better weather – if that's possible!